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Creature A Week Kyrnandour Ecology

The Kyrnandour, or Goblin Lovers, are a subteranean race of dwarves. With sickly grey skin and white hair and long beards. Calemdour Dwarves do not acknowledge any kin to these abominations as the Calemdour where the children of their Architect Deity Calemdar, and these greys are the offspring of the corruptor Jodenkyr. Jodenkyr is also responsible for the creation of Orishkela as such the Kyrnandour are often called Goblin lovers, despite having little to do with goblins. Kyrnandour are obsessed with magick despite very few of them having the intellect to be a practitioner. They like to dwell in the underhalls and wait for others to find riches which they try to steal for themselves.


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